fj62 clutch noise (1 Viewer)

Jul 14, 2005
I have 90fj62 that was converted before I bought it. 350 to advavanced adapters housing to h55 5 spd tranny. Conversion has 35k on it and I recently had to replace clutch. Now throw out seems to be riding on fingers of plate. I had the shop put in exactly what was in there. All chevy clutch components. My question is should I have had a late 70's fj40 throw out bearing used instead? Any suggestions greatly needed. Cruiser has now been in Maui for almost a year, originally from Wa. Thanks
Jun 13, 2003
If you used the later 2F disk and pressure plate you want to use the 2F throw out as well. What clutch did you install? SOunds like the throw out arm is out of adjustment. Return spring in place?

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