For Sale FJ62 Automatic Transmission---85k miles----A440F

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Jan 9, 2009
United States
Low mileage FJ62 automatic tranny. A440F. I bought an FJ62 recently and it came with it. The previous owner said it had between 80 and 90k miles on it and I believe him. I had planned on keeping it and finding another Cruiser that needed a tranny and installing it, but, I decided to put it up for sale and see if it sells. I can provide pics if needed. It has been garaged for some time, not sitting out in the weather or anything.

PRICE: $450
Location: Greenville, SC

I can deliver it within a reasonable distance for a fee.

output shaft looks good and feels tight, I can send you some pics if that would help.

Yes it is still for sale. I havent had time to take pics of it yet, but I will.
pics attached i think

output shaft and exterior
Toyota Land Cruiser Transmission, A440 001.jpg
Toyota Land Cruiser Transmission, A440 002.jpg
by the way....

I didnt even wipe it down, that rust is minor surface rust that would come off with some fine grit steel wool
that's a good price and the output shaft splines look like they're in perfect shape.:)
Still for sale........:steer:
Still available?

My tranny may have just gone at 270,000 miles. Was this one in the vehicle when you bought it and if so how was the shifting? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. Also, any possiblility of getting a shipping cost to Atlanta? I usually take my fj to ACC at 334 N. Clarendon Ave, 30079. Thanks

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