FJ62 at Cliff's Landing - Tensaw River

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Resident Herpetologist
Dec 4, 2004
I spent the past few days working on the Tensaw River and this afternoon as I was preparing to pull the boat out noticed a well built FJ62 at the landing. It was gray and set up with a lift, snorkel, bullbar and winch. Had a Baldwin Co. tag and TLCA sticker. Belong to someone on the list?
Yep. It belonged to Cole from Baldwin County/ Auburn... he sold it to a guy that joined here about a year ago? Jim, that's the junk you sold the pedal bucket for the H55F a few years back. Very nice rig and Caleb and Cole tuned that thing perfect I think.
Interesting. I only took a quick tour around the rig, didn't really look inside or I would have noticed the manual stick. I'd forgotten about selling parts to Caleb for this swap, that means it's also carrying the flywheel from the old '84 FJ60.
Hey Jim that was me. I was out in the delta till around 1 or so. Cool you ended up in the same area.

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