FJ62 Antenna mast

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Apr 27, 2009
Hi Fellas,

I've wanted a 60/62 since I was 19 years old and finally had my little dream come true. I'm the proud owner of an '88 FJ62 and couldn't be happier with her.

Anyway, on my first really good wash and wax I managed to break off the radio antenna mast with an elbow. I talked to Toyota and they only sell the entire antenna assembly, motor and all, to the tune of something like $300.

Does anybody have an antenna mast they could part with?

FJ60s and FJ62s used the same antenna assembly. Call Dan Busey (CruiserDan) at American Toyota and order a mast for an FJ60. It's $35 through him.
you can order a separate retractable mast for a 4Runner. Don't remember the part# offhand

What Spook said. Assuming the antenna motor's still working, you can replace just the mast for min $.
Take a look at the original assembly first if IR the mast does not remove from the motor assembly or is designed not to detach easily,I have gone through 2 of these in the past just look for someone parting out a 62 or any model with a electric antenna that fits the fender hole you may have to change the wire connector.
Hey Richva, I assume you are from the same place I am, so if you are going to order one, PM me before you do so we can save on shipping, because I did the same thing 3 weeks ago.
I replaced just the mast on mine. It was a little tricky to get the nylon rod that pushed the antenna up and down to wind onto the spool, but I eventually came out the winner. Had to take it all apart to do it though.
Like someone said, you have to take it apart and you can use the same motor. True they don't offer the mast only anymore but either the 4 runner one will work, or some parts places may still have one. I think I got one from cool cruisers or cruiser parts about a year ago for $40.
I think the Cressida one is identical too.

The mast is still available. I just bought one through SOR. I would call them or Cruiser Dan. You will have do disassemble the unit. The price at SOR is $45. The hardest part is the nylon cable like slcfj62 said.

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