fj62 All-Weather Floor Mats

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Mar 18, 2008
Los Angeles
After much reading, I finally decided on a set of Lloyd's floor mats for my 89 FJ. Kind of a mistake. The cargo liner worked out great, but the front and middle mats are not great. First off, they just aren't thick enough, and my driver's mat gets all bunched. Second of all, the second row mat has a weird, asymmetrical and nonsensical design. I thought my mat had been cut wrong until I verified it with the company. Weak.

I read somewhere that the floor layout of the 100-series was actually pretty similar to the FJ62. Can anyone confirm or deny that? First row? Second row?

Otherwise, what all-weather mats fit well for the FJ-62? If possible, could you mention a part number or model or URL? I've looked up the Weather-tech mats, but since they don't make a mat for the FJ62, I have only a vague idea which set I would order. Same goes for Husky.

Thank y'all. This forum has saved my life.
Bought discontinued CCOT middles time back, running WW specials up front.
i bought some michelins from autozone for mine, they had to be cut a little, but they leave enough excess to cut down, and still be usable, came with two fronts, and little ones for the back seat, set of 4, great in my opinion
My "cut to fit" siliconized-rubber WallyWorld mats have done me pretty good so far. The set was less than $30 and once I trimmed them down with some scissors they actually fit pretty well.
Right there with you guys. I'd love a set of mats made for the front/rear. I hate the look of the cut mats.

Costco has some deep lug mats right now that fit perfectly with out trimming....Just got them 2 weeks ago. Great mat!
I have the SOR Mud Mats in my 60. The fronts fit pretty good without cutting. I had to cut the rear's a little to fit around the front seat rails, rear heater, etc. I've had them probably 10 years now, and they have held up well, but the drivers side is showing wear.

Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 340 Floor Mats

Next time I'm going to try the Hex-o-mat. I've purchased these for my other cars (2005 BMW, 1965 Sunbeam) and the fit has been good. They are not as deep as some mats. It doesn't snow and barely rains where I live, so they're mostly for show for me, but when I take them out to wash them, the little honeycomb cells hold the water pretty good.

Hexomat Floor Mats
I am running the Michelin Extreme Rubber Mat and Really like them. I fish a bunch and these catch all the water when pulling the boat out.
Michelin Mat.jpg
Costco has some deep lug mats right now that fit perfectly with out trimming....Just got them 2 weeks ago. Great mat!

I have these same ones, great deal for $15
Last week I picked up a set of Goodyear Mats from Target. $19.99.

Theyre thick rubber, heavy and get the job done. Not an exact fit, but for the weather conditions that theyre meant to be used for, I can care less.

Ill pull them out come spring and get some nicer mats for when I'm just driving around and won't be needing the heavy duty ones.

custom cut to any car. Had them in my 4runner. worked great. Really kept mud/water/coffee from going anywhere.
Not cheap but I think they were worth it.
Just google "hexomat" there are several places online that carry them. 4 colors to choose- black, brown, tan, clear
Go to

They will custom make them for you, or they'll send you a paper patern and sample for either the FJ60 or FJ62, and you can check fit and make modifications.
I ordered a couple of sets of these for our old Mercedes diesel wagons and they are the best mats i've ever owned. VERY heavy duty, tough edging and super thick and quality materials. The Jaspe color pattern looks great with the brown interior, shows well and traps a ton of dirt.
They are a bit pricey, but custom fit.
Hope this helps :cheers:

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