FJ62 air pump bad?

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Feb 25, 2003
Seattle, WA
Replacing the alternator and had to take out the air pump to extract it. Gave the pulley a couple turns and it seemed to sound bad. Any thoughts? Just not sure how its supposed to sound. Thanks!
Kinda depends on mileage. Inside air pump are vanes that scrape interior walls. That could be the noise yer hearing. You mite try a sthiscope
placed near bearings.
When you spin them by hand they kinda make that noise. They're noisy. But there's no way to tell if the pump is FUBAR without hooking it back up and running the engine. If it has 100,000 miles on it, I'd recommend replacing it regardless.
Thanks! I knew it had vanes inside but I wasn't sure if that scraping was them or not. I confess I didn't know how the pump worked. The rig has about 186k on it and this pump looks original. I'll test function when I put it back in. Thanks a lot for the help!
They also need to put out a fair amount of air to actually do anything for emissions. If the vanes are damaged, they won't.
Thanks, I'll check that when I get it all hooked back up. Hopefully its in working order.

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