FJ62 A440F rebuild - Nor Cal - Transmission shop recommendations

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May 20, 2012
So Cal
POSTED IN 60 SECTION AND ALSO Gold Coast, Central Coast, and Central Valley clubhouses. I hope that is allowed. If not, sorry.

Decided to start modifying my 89 FJ62. There are about 270K miles on it. While changing out the main seal, we noticed that the tcase was leaking. Sent out the tcase and transmission to get the tcase rebuilt and regeard to 4:1.

While the transmission is out, I think it would be a good time to get it rebuilt too. I have not experienced any issues so this is more of a preventative measure. The PO owner was an older couple that owned it for the first 260K. From the looks of the maintenance they really cared for the vehicle, but I didn't see any evidence of any transmission maintenance when I reviewed the history from 1998-2015.

Does anyone have any actual experience getting their A440F rebuilt in the Nor Cal area? I am looking for recommendation on where to get this rebuild completed. I'm open to So Cal recommendations too but since the transmission is in Stockton I'd like to keep it up there if possible.


In case you are, I dont want to swap in a manual and Georg doesn't rebuild autos. :)

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