For Sale FJ62 3FE "half cut"

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Mar 14, 2003
United States
We're parting out an FJ62. The engine has a lot of miles on it; a little over 300k. Was parked 4 years ago because the automatic Trans crapped out.
This would be a great donor for a 3FE conversion.

We're keeping the axles and suspension and other parts and pieces. But the front portion of the frame along with the engine and most things in the engine compartment will be available. Harness is complete, computer is there also.

$350 cash

Located in Stockton CA.

Sorry but there's no way I have time to deal with shipping this do you'll have to come pick it up or arrange transportation. I do have a forklift here to load it on a trailer.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
This is what it looks like right now.

Being parted out.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids

I'm looking for exhaust manifolds, would you consider parting that out, and if so how much? Cracked or warped my front manifold.
Also, do you have an opinion on headers for an FE3?
'89 FJ62 stock.
I'm pretty sure I have a set of manifolds for a 3FE. I have a set of headers also but they're notorious for having warped flanges so you need to have them surfaced before installing them, even if they're brand new.
Send me a message if you're interested.
Thanks a lot!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids

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