Fj60 won't idle!

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Jul 9, 2003
Hi, I’m having trouble with my fj60 it has the original 2f with only 82k on it! My truck starts but won't idle to save its life, if I keep the throttle above 1500rpms it runs and drives great but If I take my foot off the gas its over. Also when I off-road if I go up or down a steep incline or just take on a huge rut the truck will stop responding to throttle after about 2 mins and just die. If I just wait like 5 mins though it starts up and I take off all the way home as long as the road isn't too bad. I assume it’s a vacuum issue I don't even understand how a N/A car from 1983 even has a vacuum system for anyway? Emissions I assume anyone have a guide with pictures on how to desmog I didn't see on in the tech section?

I guess I should mention that this truck is totally stock with very low miles and little use the last few years.
I hope i'm not just missing a faq or somthing explaining my troubles?
I'm not familiar with FJ60s but other toys have a fuel cutoff in the carb. If your valve fails or you don't have power to it, she won't idle.
The tech section has the info you want under engine/carb I think.
Yup, sounds like the idle solenoid to me, too. Maybe just needs to be hooked up.
My 40 did that same thing. The idle solenoid was disconnected.

Anyone have good shots of where this selenoid is and what vacuum lines connect to it, I looked at that desmog diagram in the tech section and I think i'm missing something. I fail to understand how this truck from 83 has more vacuum lines then my 20valve turbocharged modern vw~!! considering that car is forced induced and this truck is NA!!!
What your VW does with computers and circuits, the 2F does with vacuum lines. I bet your VW has a boatload more circuits, relays, and computers than the FJ does.
ya the GTi has the most complicated EFI system, but I have a chip in it and it boost up to 22psi makes around 205 hp at the wheels~! and its a 2600pound hatch!

But anyway the vacuum system on the cruiser is very old and most of the hoses look cracked and destroyed I could only imagine what would happen if I replaced them all. Maybe if I could make sense out of that desmog diagram i'd do that at the same time?
The toyota cutoff valve I'm familiar with is electric. A bud with a toy mini lost power to his in the middle of a run an
d it rendered it almost undriveable. The failure was in the harness so a simple jumper was the cure. Look closely at your carb and see if you can find an electical fitting on a solenoid. Put a jumper on it and I'll bet she'll idle just fine.
[quote author=Burtoffce link=board=1;threadid=3825;start=0#msg28230 date=1058817462]
Anyone have good shots of where this selenoid is and what vacuum lines connect to it,

DA#@, can't upoad attachments!
The idle solenoid is on the right side (this would be on the valve cover side), it's the cylinder with that round black nub at the end. There's a wire connector attached which is the green connector there on the upper left. You can check it by disconnecting that connector "key on engine off" and listen for a click.

... but your idle problem could also be an egr issue.

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