FJ60 wheel questions

Jan 30, 2003
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Original owner of 1981 FJ60. Everything original until recently. Installed oldmanemu system now want to upgrade wheels and tires. I bought Rock Crawlers with 3.75 and 3.50, but they hit the calipers bad. I don't want to shave the calipers ande prefer not to use spacers. What wheels would the old pros suggest would be good. I'm not a rock or mud hound. Just nice sedate off-roading. Is it possible tpo go to 16" wheels?
Dec 22, 2002
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Rims with true 3.5 back spacing will work on FJ60. As to running 16 inch wheels--go for it. You will pretty much eliminate backspacing problem. Lots of 60's in other countries came stock with 16 inch wheels. I think that the main reason most of us other Cruiserheads run 15s is because they are cheaper than 16s and tires to fit the 15s are cheaper.

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