FJ60 Weight

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Sep 5, 2006
Boulder, Co
I just got done corner weighing the 60 and figured some of you folks might be interested in what the numbers were. I am sure there are other threads on it but here ya go....

So... the truck was weighed with the following on board:

- 40 gallons of fuel (MAF big tank)
- Mead (Great Dane 115lbs)
- Driver in driver's seat (130lbs (no not me))
- tools (40 lbs)
- Fridge full of beer in the back
- Chili (Chihuahua mix 13lbs)
- Recovery gear in my Wagon Gear tail gate (tree strap, pulley, snatch strap, 4 shackles, tire repair kit, air hose, and a few other random doodads)

Truck setup is as follows:

- Vortec 5.3 conversion, stock radiator w/ mechanical fan
- H55f, stock T-case
- Dual Optima group 31 batteries, 1/0 wiring.
- York on board air compressor
- ARB lockers with associated crapola
- XD9000i Winch with synthetic cable
- Custom front winch bumper boxed to be an air tank, three shackles
- 2 x 3 1/4" wall sliders welded to frame
- Custom rear bumper with swingout tire mount and hi lift and two shackles
- inverter with 1 ga wiring
- sub with big amp
- stock interior
- yakima roof rack with bike rails and kayak mounts
- HAM and CB radios
- beefy skid plate for tranny/t case
- stock axle housings
- Goodyear MT/R 35's with steel wheels
- OME Heavies

So, this is how it sits basically for around town and no camping... it's how I drive it every day.

Weights are as follows:

RR - 1913lbs
LR - 1820lbs
RF - 1200lbs
LF - 1541lbs

Total Rear = 3733lbs
Total Front = 2741lbs

Total = 6474lbs

Cross is 3020lbs or 46.6%.

The total surprised me.
Thats one heavy cruiser. I'd feel sorry for anyone who hit you or you hit haha

Mine must weigh at least 1500-2000 pounds less.

I just have OME Medium, and 33's. Everything else stock and like nothing in the cruiser.
any pics of it?
I noticed chili has been packing on the pounds. Might want to try a diet

She's only there in case we go hungry... I figure we'd get at least a meal out of her if we had to :)
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man I guess I dont want to wght mine after all :steer:

nice lookin ride
That's a hell of a cross section. Is there a possibility that you packed it with more weight on the left side? In my car forum, the lack of distributed weight across the right front would be a real cause for concern. If you're wheeling, there might be times when you're depending on the traction on the RF to pull you as well.

Curious to hear your thoughts.
That really is heavy. Mine tips the scales at 4800 (same results on different scales) with custom bumpers, 35" tires and an NV4500 which nearly crippled me when I had to lift it. The V8 swap actually sheds some pork.
I stopped and bugged a roadside scale crew last year in Grand Junction to see how much my 60 weighed. They told me I weighed 5300 lbs with me and a small amount camping gear.

350 TBI V8
700R4 automatic
Aussie lockers
York compressor
Mile Marker 9500 winch
Front and rear steel bumpers and sliders
36" TSL's on steel wheels.
My 85, which is bone stock, with me in it is 4800 lbs according to one of the Oregon DOT truck scales...
The cross weight is interesting. I would like to get mine measured and try to make the weight as similar as possible to reduce cruiser lean. I wonder what the cross weight is of a stock truck:hmm:
Yeah the cross is a bit off. I think it is the result of the different height springs to get rid of the cruiser lean and where my weight is placed (spare tire, jack, dog, extra battery, exhaust, and driver all on the left side). The springs come off in a few weeks when my new ones arrive so I'll be able to see if their heights have changed at all.

In a race car I'd worry.. but in this truck as long as it sits level I'm pretty OK with it. It wheels alright as it sits and actually handles OK on the innerstate when we're on the move.

The total weight is a bit higher than I expected.. I'll probably double check it somewhere else sometime soon. The setup is not too different from others around here so it makes me think just a little.

edit: Cross dosen't neccesarily affect lean. It can have a crazy cross and still be level (like my truck).
The only way it'd sit level with up to 300lbs different between sides has to be differing spring rates. The fact that the driver is off to one side as well must account for a good portion of the weight difference.
wow! I was curious the other day and took it over the scales. Fully stock hj61 with pto winch, cable lockers, 12ht, h55f and 33's was 5700 lbs!!!
You and chet are just showing off. If I had half of that equipment.....well, I'd still want more.

Nice rig, and thanks for posting that part up. I bet there are a number of us curious as to what our trucks weigh--

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