FJ60 vs. FJ62 frame

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May 8, 2007
Hello all,

I was about to order a FJ62 frame from when I found a local guy selling a FJ60 frame. I spoke with a local "LC expert" and he assured me the frames are interchangable, with maybe minor variations in cross-over bracing, etc. Is this guy correct? Does he know what he is talking about? I don't know enough to make a wise decision, so I am asking the experts here. Thanks for any help.
I am about to put a 62 frame under my 60. I have not yet had teh chance to compare in detail but I know for sure the transmission cross member mounts are farther back on the 62 for the auto tranny. As for body mounts I am not sure, but they apear to be the same.

there are others doing something similar who may be further along and have more details, but simply put, the 62 frame is not a DIRECT swap. Some mods are required.
lowtideride put a 62 frame under his rig. PM him and ask what he had to do.
They are very swapable, Im too tired right now but I just had a thread a little while about about putting an fj62 frame under a 60, most of the details you are after are in there..

Bottom line get what ever is rust free, and if you have the chance get an fj62 frame because they are built much better than the fj60 one.

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