For Sale FJ60 V8 Swap Rolling Chassis in Great Condition!!!!!

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Aug 15, 2005
San Diego, CA
United States
SOLD!!! (If there's a way for me to delete this thread, let me know!)

Here's the deal. A few years ago, I did the GM 5.3L V8 swap to my very cherry 87 FJ60. I mated the V8 to the Advance Adapter and ran my H55F and stock transfercase. Before that, I did a bunch of stuff to make this a solid vehicle. Some of it was overkill, but's a Toyota and I'm nuts.

Here's a little list of the items for sale....

You'd be getting this:
- FJ60 frame & hardlines, hoses, etc.
- FJ60 front & rear axles and associated lines/hardware
- OME 3" HD lift springs & shocks
- 5 33" BFG ATKO tires (the spare is in excellent shape) but the tires are 10 years old and should be replaced.
- 5 MB Motoring rims that are in excellent shape (some scratches, but still great condition)
- Skid plate

This is what I've had done:
- Frame was galvanized and powdercoated about 2 years ago. Obviously, no rust. It was a very solid frame before that. Now, it's bulletproof.
- Axle rebuild. Both of them were done about 15k miles ago, probably less. All new Toyo bearings, all the best gaskets, etc. The only things I didn't do was take apart the differentials and have them rebuilt. But, they checked out very good condition.
- OME 3" lift kit only has about 15k miles on them as well. The measurement from center of the rear hub to the fender is 23". (That's with a 1" body lift)
- Skid plate was also galvanized and powdercoated about 2 years ago.
- Power steering box professionally rebuilt by West Texas Offroad with new bolt hardware.

Since the truck was a v8 swap, it has different motor mounts welded to the frame. Most everything else remains the same. There are a few extra holes drilled into the frame (like in the front where I mounted a PS cooler), but nothing to change the integrity of the frame at all.

I'm looking to get $3500 for everything. I think that's a fair price for what you're getting. It's already got mounts for a V8...

I'll be updating with more pics and info as I dig through my computer. I'm pretty meticulous about my vehicles and this one was no exception. The only reason I decided to get rid of this frame is because I'm silly enough to want to put the 80 series chassis underneath my 60 body...

If there are questions, ask away. I've got just about every single thing documented on my hard drive...just not quite fully organized!

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Pics of underneath the body behind the rear axle. You can see the frame and body are really clean. I had dual exhausts exiting behind the rear tires and had to drill the extra hole you see in the picture. There's one on the other side of the spare tire crossmember as well. The rear axle is also really clean. It had an entire axle rebuild recently. The axle's got some gunk on it, but overall it's in excellent condition. Note that I did not have the differential rebuilt as the shop guy said the diff looked excellent.
There's an OME Heavy 3" lift as you can see from the springs and yellow shocks...In case anyone cares, those cobwebs are real!


Hard line pics running on inside frame...note that a lot of the hardware has been replaced. Yes, with JIS just like original you can use your 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm wrenches...

The front diff shot also shows the u-bolt flip kit from case you missed that!

The frame and tranny crossmember with new hardware image shows it to be pretty clean. The tranny crossmember has been galvanized and powdercoated too...

Not shown is the galvanized and PC'd skid plate, which is pretty shiny and will come with the rolling chassis as well along with new bolt in hardware.




I was running an external oil cooler so here are the other mods that I had to make to the frame. A couple of minor bolt holes to run my thermostat and cooler. I sandwiched an aftermarket power steering cooler between the frame and body using existing frame bolt holes.



Someone asked for pics of the frame at all 4 corners. I've posted a few shots here of the frame right after galv and pc.





So does the body come with it?
I am interested but would be putting a 2F into it. Do you still have the original engine mounts to weld back on?
I am interested but would be putting a 2F into it. Do you still have the original engine mounts to weld back on?
I don't have the original mounts! Sorry! If you didn't mind, I'm sure you could have a fab shop make a set for you...or you could cut them off a bad frame!
I don't have the original mounts! Sorry! If you didn't mind, I'm sure you could have a fab shop make a set for you...or you could cut them off a bad frame!

I figured, I could definitely just cut the old ones off. Or I could just man up and put a V8 in while I am at it :). I will talk with my financial adviser (wife) and see if we have the funds available for this.
This is nice.

Is there a a spot for transmission support bracket?
The original transmission support crossmember is still there and in the original location. It was also galvanized and powdercoated. I hope that answers your question!

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