Fj60 v8 & a/c

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Sep 4, 2008
There are about a billion different threads in the 60 section that all talk about how to wire up the chevy compressor when you want to use it with a/c. Since there are some dudes in here that I know have dealt with this I figured I'd just post up in here. After reading these threads, I basically understand 2 things. I need to connect the original wire from the toyota wiring harness that is black with a white plug to the new chevy compressor. Also, there is another wire I apparently need to connect into the tach. What wire is that? Does anybody on here know?
If you are V8 powered rip the Toyota AC amplifier out and go to a chevy t-stat then it will make everything simple.

If you are set on using the factory AC amplifer, IIRC you will find the tach wire there.
I really just need to know where the old tach wire is under the hood. Tap into that and it should give the amplifier the signal needed. My buddy did it the same way on his, unfortunately he's out of town and so he totally screwed me up. Basically the only open wires from the original harness I have is the one that goes to the old a/c compressor and a small skinny black/yellow striped one.

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