FJ60 Tube Bumper Ideas?

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Aug 30, 2007
The City of Angels
Okay Cruiserheads. I found a local fabricator who can fab a front tube bumper for my 87’ FJ60. I am looking to have him make me something that would have brush/headlight protection similar to that of an ARB Bull Bar, have built in mounting points for a pair of clevis shackles (preferably through to the frame mount), and would allow me to mount my lights and a Warn XD8000 winch that I recently purchased. (Below you’ll see what I currently have mounted on the front of my 60.:eek:) If any of you can post photos of tube front bumpers that you’ve mounted on your 60’s so I could start to get some design ideas going, it would be greatly appreciated. :cheers:

I can see why you need something, you don't have a bumper. I don't have a tube bumper, so I'm no help.
Here is a recent pic of my bumper build. Not all tube but some. Shackle mounts are bolted directly to the frame. Good luck with your design! BTW probly not that similar to the ARB. Room enough for a winch in the future.
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LOL Rig of Mortis!!:D I can foresee this “radical” new stinger design sweeping the off-road community!! Replacement “parts” can be found at any drycleaners worldwide. (Now, if we could just get the hanger hook to positively connect to a tow hitch ball . . . .:hmm:)

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