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Dec 2, 2009
Tomball, Texas
Seems the PO had a small box that had been spliced out the the rear harness. It included a white wire for ground, green wire for "right" light, yellow wire for "left" ligt, black wire that was labeled to "tail" and then there was a red wire listed as "stop".

The light kit we bought for our trailer included a white wire for ground, green for right, yellow for left and a green/brown for right tail, and yellow/brown for tail.... how do I hook in the single red wire to make the brake lights flash, do I splice the red wire on the FJ60 into. 2 wires and then connect each to the green and yellow wires?
Sep 8, 2003
North Cackalacky
I got one from Uhaul, works great. Don't recall the exact part. Might be easier to pickup locally if you go with uhaul. Good luck!
Mar 11, 2013
Treasure Coast, FL
Just thought I'd post my experience since I just went through this.
I installed a hitch last week and so I needed to set up the trailer wiring.
Thanks to this forum, I read that I needed that 5 to 4 wire converter. I bought one on Amazon, manufactured by Reese.
Next difficulty was to find the right wires and decide where to splice in.
Many on this board suggested dropping the spare tire and tapping the wires under the vehicle.
This concerned me for 2 reasons. 1: I didn't want to poke into all the wires looking for the right ones, and 2: I don't like the idea of splicing wires on the outside of the vehicle, where they would be subjected to the weather.
The easiest place to locate the right wires is inside the rear panel, just in front of the turn signals. There are 2 big access panels, one for the rear window washer, and the other for the jack and tools.
I removed the left turn signal assembly where it was very easy to locate the correct wires for left turn, tail light and brake. I used a multi meter to verify I had the right ones. I spliced into the wires on the vehicle side of the turn signal connector, not on the side of the turn signal. The 4 to 5 wire converter box had a trailer plug on one side, and raw wires on the other.
I fed the raw wires from the rear left of the vehicle, underneath where there is a grommet. This goes right to the inside of the panel near the turn signal assembly. I spliced the raw wires into the factory harness for left turn, brake and tail light.
I attached the ground wire to one of the relay mounts that are located back there.
The only thing left to do was to locate the right turn signal wire. I had no idea where this was or even if this wire was routed through the left rear panel at all.
So I told the long green right turn signal wire that was attached to the converter, and ran it on the outside, underneath, along where the factory wire harness goes from the left to the right side of the vehicle, under the tailgate. I ran this up through the same grommet except on the right side. Once this wire was inside the panel it was easy to locate the correct right turn signal wire by removing the turn signal assembly and verifying with a multi meter.
After that all I needed to do was to tie strap all the wires I added, and put it back together.
I tested it with my small Harbor Freight trailer and it worked perfectly.
Great Reese product but I'm sure all the converters do the same thing.

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