For Sale FJ60 Stuff 4 sale

Oct 1, 2002
Midland Texas
I have some stuff in my garage that needs to go. All of it is used but most does not have much use. The shocks and bushings where only used for about a year before I bought a whole lift system. Same with the tires. I will try to price it cheap if you don't like the price make an offer.

FJ60 Factory Leaf springs $70 for all 4
4 Rancho 5000 shocks with boots $40 for all 4
Complete poly bushing set for FJ60 (all 24) $30
Factory Chrome wheels with 31x10.50 Pro comp AT's
$150 tires (about 10,000 miles on them and they are rated at 50,000)
$150 wheels or $250 takes both (already mounted)

Let me know if you have any questions. I can take some pics to e-mail if you like.


Will the rancho 5000's extend for a lift if so how far ?

Mar 16, 2003
Seattle, Wa.
I am interested in the leaf springs, are all 4 packs there? Also these are going to be put on a 84' fj 60, there should not be a difference in the springs? The only reason I bring this up is becuase I bought some and they are the same lenght but the diameter where the bushing goes is a 1/4" smaller? and the guy said they were off a fj 60? I don't know. Also how much would shipping be to zip code 98107. Thanks joel-

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