Fj60 stock suspension (1 Viewer)

Jul 20, 2003
THE Texas Tech U.
I just got done puttin' my BDS suspension on (took my dad and I about 3 days, about 15 hours) and now I have all this stuff laying around. The rear springs were sagging about 3.5 inches, and it was leaning to the left a touch, but none of the leaves are broken, i also have some Monroe shocks that are old, but didn't get much time on the road, it was a dallas truck, and it couldn't pass the emmisions tests, so it sat there for nearly a year. I'll also have some 31x1050 Phantom A/Ps on dirty chrome modular wheels. The tires probably have about 20,000 miles on them at the most. If your interested in any of these let me know, but you probably don't want to use my email, it does not get checked very often.

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