FJ60 stock steel grab bars

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
United States
I have 3 or 4 of these. All would need paint and a pad for the center section.

They are stock FJ60 bars not FJ62 bars.

Check SOR for some pics
Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - 277-72 60 & 62 Series Leather Non-USA Grab Bar

$25 each.
Have a Grey one?
Just out of curiosity, whats the difference between the 60 and 62 bars? Have the hardware as well?
pic. 60 bars are steel with a pad. 62 bars are fully padded like the dash.

I have a few sets of pads but no bolts. One is gray and its the only one that might get by without painting
That's a great price . Bead blast it , have it powdercoated and sew a nice piece of leather you'd still be way ahead of the game. They are pricy new, ask my wife.:hillbilly:

Grab Bar

I'd like to have one. Are they the same size or is the picture just making them look different? Anyways, PM sent.
the one on the right in the pic is still available. Had a buyer but no response in 7 days.

$37 shipped in mainland US
I paid over $50 for mine, this is WAAAY worth it and it looks way better then a 62 grab bar...
Got mine - Looks good. Thanks for fast ship!
Grab Bar

Got mine too and it looks good and solid. A couple of questions - #1 What was the OEM mounting method, self tapping screws or can you get behind there to put a washer and nut on a screw or bolt? #2 - I need to paint my tan one grey. Does anybody know what shade of grey that is right off hand?


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