FJ60 springs...upgrade?

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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
I will be cutting out the rotted rear spring hangers in my 40. Should I just replace them (I have a pair of the Cruiser Solutions pieces already) or is this my opportunity to change the front hanger too and switch to...? something wider/longer/better?

What are my options?


PS. Stock-ish street driven truck with some trails/rocks but it's never gonna be a buggy. 33x9.5 BFG AT/KO tires on stock rims, H55 5 speed, spring-under OEM rear axle with parking brake.
Hi All:

Don't move the front fixed-end spring hangers. When you install the new shackle mounts in the rear do it in a "flipped" orientation.

Then install 60/70 Series rear springs under the rear axle of your 40 Series.
With "flipping" the rear shackle mount you should be able to keep fairly short (OE-length?) rear shackles.


1. Aren't 60 springs wider than 40 springs?
2. If so how would I deal with the, at the shackle end? at the fixed end?
3. Are 60 springs longer than 40 springs? If so by how much?

The cruiser solutions ones are integrated into the triangular gussets, correct? You would need to take them apart to move the rear hanger back (or turn it around) as stated above. They are a bit longer than 40 springs. I did it in mine, but reversed both ends, ending up with a 104" wheelbase. Not really what you are looking for. I had to cut the hell out of my rear quarters, but again, that is with them reversed.

Wish I had known last week, when I gave away a pair of nice fj40 rear packs that were seperated, cleaned, teflon painted, drilled and reversed main leaf. Moving sucks.
THanks for the info... my only concern with the H55 and split TC is that I'll end up with a 2" rear DS. I'll know more when I get the tranny/TC installed. Once that's done and I locate the axle in it's stock position I'll be able to make a decision regarding moving the rear axle back...
So here's the plan (tub is off at the moment):
1. Install H55/TC
2. Measure rear DS length with stock axle in position
3. Remove stock rear axle/springs/rusted rear hangers
4. Replace rear spring hangers - position as determined in step 2
5. Clean/paint frame
6. Install later model rear axle with OEM parking brake with springs TBD
7. See what needs to be done to get the aluminum tub to fit over that whole mess!

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