FJ60 SM465 swap

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Feb 18, 2002
I have an SM465 mated to an NP203, that I would like to put in my 84' FJ60 stock 2F engine. I have a few questions, has anyone used the AA bellhousing adapter? If so how well did it work and did it come with the pilot bushing and sleeve so the SM465 throw-out bearing shaft will fit the Toyota throw-out bearing? Also I would like to run dual t-cases using Jerry Nichols adapter from the NP 203 reduction box to the split t-case. &nbsp:Does Jerry or any of the other distributors have a website? I would like to see some installed pics and get an idea of prices. If it all works out well you may see a tech write up of the project on!

morgan has pics of his doubler....check out I think for some pics.

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