FJ60 Saginaw Conversion PS Pulley Question (1 Viewer)

Feb 18, 2018
Niceville Florida
My stock PS pump was leaking everywhere so I pulled it and bought a Saginaw because most everyone was raving about them. I don’t want to spend $150 on a bracket so was trying to rig up mounting but now realize that I’ll need to make a bar adapter on the outboard side to get the pump low enough for the pulley to clear the upper radiator hose (so don’t pay attention to the mounting in the pic).

My main question is what pulley to use. I have the original which came off my stock pump and it was keyed and fastened with a bolt on the end of the shaft. The shaft on the Saginaw is smooth (no key) and a threaded hole on the end. The shaft is also is just barely too big for the old pulley to slide on. I’ve heard of people boring out the stock pulley and pressing it on, then tack welding so it doesn’t slip. Is there a correct pulley that can be purchase for this pump to avoid the metal work? I’ve also heard that some Saginaws come with keyed shafts. Are any of them a direct fit for the stock Toyota pulley?



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