For Sale FJ60 Receiver Hitch

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Apr 30, 2007
Cody, Wyoming
United States
$150 Shipped (lower 48)

Excellent Condition - Ready to bolt on.


I'm not sure, it was on my 60 when I bought it. I built a custom bumper with it's own reciever hitch. I do know that the frame is not boxed where it bolts on so getting at the nuts are not a problem. You also see this style of hitch with stock bumpers pretty often. It doesn't interfere with the spare tire either.
I think the holes are there, look under your 60 and see if there are two holes on each side.
I'll take it...

Looks to be exactly what I need. Please PM me your paypal address...

Hey Ben,

I have not heard from you, but, if Keith from the post above really would like the receiver, who am I to poach it because he is new to the site and does not know yet how to confirm the deal. I want it, but would rather be a stand up guy and let Keith have it if that's how it needs to be. Ball is in your court, there Keith... Welcome to Mud. Confirm your desire, PM him (it is an option if you click on wyomingben's name in the panel to the left of the post...)

There's no better forum on the planet. Pay it forward, eh? I know I have benefited 100x more than I have paid in.

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