FJ60 Rear Vent Color

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Apr 3, 2017
Plano Texas
On my 84 FJ60, the little vents on the rear of the body have become faded. I am wanting to restore them a bit. Mine seem to be silver in color. I am not sure if they were another color and the silver color is just a primer or something that the vent has faded to over time, or if they are supposed to be silver on a root beer 60. And if they are supposed to be silver, would anyone know a specific paint code I would want to get to restore and re-paint them? Here is a shot of how the vent currently looks:


It looks to me like they were painted silver and some of the silver is worn and a black primer is showing through, but it may also be that they were originally black and the black paint has worn off to silver. Anyway, I just want to make sure when I restore them that I am restoring them to the proper color and color code. Any help is much appreciated.
I believe it is Argent Silver.
I have always used dark charcoal metallic paint, similar to what is sold for the grille (on the front of the truck). Sparkles just a bit, so it's slightly snappier than just silver or gray. I just have an aerosol from a parts store - I don't have a particular color or shade in mind.

Be super careful when removing the rubber gasket around the vent, as the gasket won't be pliable, and is fragile. It can be returned to black with the careful application of 0000 steel wool.
Man great info. I like the dark charcoal metallic paint look and may go with that. I agree it looks better than just silver....give things a little more depth. I would however like to reproduce the original color as much as possible. My vents seem very light. I am guessing super faded from years of AZ sun. Were the vent pieces all the same color or were they different colors depending on the body color of the truck? Also are the vent seals still available or are they discontinued? Or can they be fabricated out of just some foam seal material? Someone mentioned in the included thread bike tire tubes.
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I have the same paint color as you, I ended up just plastidipping mine black and have been happy with the result and durability.
Paint it Pink.
I finally got around to doing this. Went with the suggested Rustoleum Soft Flat Iron color referenced here and above. Mine turned out OK but a bit darker than the photos included in that thread. I finished it with a gloss topcoat which may have darkened it a bit. Color looks nice still but maybe slightly different than stock. Better than it was before IMHO. Photo included. Thanks for the help here.

I am looking for some with some slight patina like you had lol. Was gonna try to buy or trade.
If you want patina, I have that. I can get you some pics if you want...

Yeah I want some for my 85.

The 87 is getting pretty much fully restored.

I have an extra set but the paints fallen off them. You want me to paint and trade?
I just re-read this thread. The vents were originally a metallic charcoal colour. So, the silver vents in the original post had been painted before. @Joe T , mine might be the same as what you already have....
Mine are black plastic now, the paint fell off. Looking for some with some factory paint still left.

Looks like that is probably in your pics but too dark with flash to see.
Got around to re-doing the light buckets too this past weekend. Color worked out great IMO. Worked the gloss finish again as well:

So as others have mentioned, the rear vent gaskets are real stiff and brittle on most of these, and mine was no exception. Is there anything that can be done to soften them up a bit that anyone could share here? I tried soaking mine in some water for while but it did not do much for them. I got mine back on with some effort but was afraid I was going to break them in the process. I didn't but was scary trying to get them back on. If anyone has a tip for making these pliable again I would love to know the secret. Thanks in advance.

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