FJ60, Rear-ended, Tail Lights Dead, Your Thoughts?

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Aug 15, 2002
Hello, I have an '87 FJ60 which I had the misfortune of being rear-ended in last week. &nbsp:Didn't do much physical damage to the Land Crusher (the girl who hit me totalled her bonneville), but since then it seems the tail lights are not working. Bulbs are fine, brake lights work, fuse is okay...

I'm just wondering if there is a wire connection I can check or something. Any input would be great. THanks in advance.
Re: FJ60, Rear-ended, Tail Lights Dead, Your Thoug

Do the dash lights work? I'm not sure about cruisers, but most vehicles have the dash and tail lights wired together so the driver knows that something's wrong.
If so, I would suspect something near the tail lights, quite possibly the ground.
If not, I would suspect a fuseable link or fuse.

Either way it sounds like it's time to buy a test light.

At least nobody peed on your rug, man. :D
Re: FJ60, Rear-ended, Tail Lights Dead, Your Thoug

is there any sign of corrosion in the plug that the bulb fits into. my hj45 had a habit of having the tail lights and brake lights fail if both were on together. one at a time was fine. scratched my head for ages, almost rewired it. then i shattered a tail light, when i pulled it out i noticed the corrosion, cleaned it up with a little emory (sp) paper, right as rain
Re: FJ60, Rear-ended, Tail Lights Dead, Your Thoug

gumby: you think the carpet pissers did this? :D

All other lights seem to be functioning properly, fixtures look brand new on the plug end. Not to mention that this seems to be a recent development resulting from the crash I was in it seems to me something may have been knocked loose.

Obviously, I'm not exactly sure how these things work, but the bulb that is used for both tail and brake lights is the same, only with two filaments inside the bulb. The brake light filament is bigger and brighter and functions properly. THe smaller, tail light filament is not functioning.

I guess what I'll do is break out the wiring diagrams and try to figure out how the tail lights are connected to the light switch or something, see where there could be a bad connection.

thanks guys
Re: FJ60, Rear-ended, Tail Lights Dead, Your Thoug

Gumby's right, on my 60 i've got a blown fuse and both the tail lights and the instrument lights don't work -- see the post from earlier in teh week...i'm trying to figure out why i keep blowing this fuse.

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