FJ60 Rear axle Parking Brake into a 40 Series Help

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Nov 17, 2010
Bakersfield, Ca
I have a FJ60 rear axle installed on my FJ40. I would like to set up the parking brake cable onto the stock handle in the cab. I don't have any parts to do this yet but I was hoping someone else has done this and could help me out with it.

Is there a kit that could be bought?

Thanks for the help.
FJ40 and FJ60 have the same rear brakes in the same years. You just need a floor mounted p-brake handle from an 79-newer FJ40. The width of the axle housing is built into the cable, so the wider FJ60 cable will have to be used to get it on the rear axle. Using the cable from the 106"WB FJ60 on the 90"WB FJ40 will mean hanging up about 16" of extra cable under the truck, but that shouldn't be hard.

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