FJ60 Project- Please help!

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Jan 2, 2010
Parker, CO
Hey there,

I am the original owner of a 1984 FJ60. I lost compression driving in the mountains about two years ago and am just now getting around to working on it. I have torn the engine down and replaced all the gaskets, fuel filter, thermostat, carb, battery and done a tune up on the rig. I have also gone through the manual and hooked up the vaccuum hoses properly to the carb, etc. I am so close to getting it started, but can not get it fire up. When I prime the carb, I still cannot get it started which tells me that it is just not bad gas. Please help!!!!

Any suggestions welcomed, will try anything.
I am getting a spark. Could it be that the engine has just lost all of its compression and is done for?
First of all, welcome to MUD :flipoff2: (official greeting).

Now calm down.

Have you checked for spark?
Thanks for the welcome, pretty new to the site. I have checked for a spark and am getting a spark arc. New spark plug cables and spark plugs, could it be a timing issue?
The recdneck way of checking for compression would be to stick your finger over the spark plug holes on the head and see if it blows your finger off of the hole. The real way of testing would be to buy a compression gauge.

(edit) It could be a timing issue. DId you take off the distributor?

Yes, could be timing. The BB on the flywheel (or hole, if BB is missing) should line up with the pointer. If it's way off, you may have the dissy in a few teeth off. YOu getting any backfire when you try to start?
I have not taken off the distributor. I will try the redneck way of checking compression first. Next dumb question for you guys, if I am not getting any compression, then what do I do? I am not a great mechanic and don't want to spend too much on this project. Thanks for all of your help already guys. Learning as I go!
When you say "I have torn the engine down and replaced all the gaskets" What level of tear down are you talking about... You did the Head Gasket ?
what happens if you pour gas into the carb from the top or try and start with starting fluid? putting, shuttering and sputtering? or just a starter turning?

if you have spark than it SHOULD start with starting fluid...

my guess is a fuel pump or carb issue.

what happens if you disconnect a fuel line (2 person job, i like to disconnect from carb or engine side of fuel filter) and turn the key?

is there fuel advancing all over the place (or into a cup;))?
Are your plugs in the correct firing order.
could also be a faulty ignition coil or faulty ignition switch or....
yep, plugs are hooked up for the correct firing order. when i pour gas into carb it is very close to actually starting, just never fires up. would that mean that it is not the fuel pump? could possibly be faulty ignition coil or ignition switch.

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