fj60 power steering blues

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May 19, 2003
Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum so bear with me if this question has already been asked. I am having trouble with my power steering leaking when pushed to hard. I am also getting a whining noise at low rpms. I am hoping it is the presure relief valve since I can't hear make that release noise when under load. My question is whether anyone knows where exactly the presure relief valve is for the power steering.
Thanks -MHR
1983 Fj60
Have you checked the pump? Is the box or the pump leaking? Possibly air in the system.
When I figured out that the noise was coming from the steering pump I took a closer look at it. When I loosened the belt I noticed that half a washer that holds the pulley onto the pump had broken off. This left the pulley loose. After I replaced the washer and tightened everything down the noise was gone. But after turning the wheels to full lock to test it I head a hissing and whining noise. I went to look under the hood and the there was steering fluid on the back of the pulley and on the belt directly below the pulley. I believe that the fluid shot out of the front gasket around the pump shaft. It only does it when under high pressure. i.e. turning the wheels to lock while not in motion. Any ideas would really be appreciated, Thanks
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If the pulley were loose for a while due to the missing washer, it's possibly the shaft is worn due to wobbling around. I would get a seal kit for the pump and rebuild it. If that doesn't work, time for a different pump.

FYI the rebuild is not difficult. I did the very same on my fj60 pump and a Trooper pump. Factory repair manual is helpful. The seal kit is not expensive.
Rebuild it now, or that fluid will get all over your air pump right below and crap that out too, then you'll really be sobbing!

And don't forget---it takes Dexron auto. tranny fluid, not PS fluid (sounds weird, but that's what Toyota says).

Welcome aboard, by the way!
If it has been leaking for a while, you better check your motor mount. The fluid eats the rubber. If it is leaking at the cap, try and not tighten the cap all the way. I back my cap off to where it feels the seal is the tightest. WHen you take apart the pump do it in a small room as there are a ton of tiny springs that will fly all over the place.
have fun
kurt 87fj60
Thanks for all the help guys. I was thinking that I might try to rebuild it myself. I'm glad to hear that it isn't too difficult, and thanks for letting me know that the power steering takes Dexron auto trany fluid. I had no idea. Hopefully the smog pump won't go out since I just had to change it about 6 months ago :D.

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