FJ60 Performance mods??

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Jun 29, 2012
Greetings, just I have an '84 fj60 and can't stop wondering about how restrictive the stock air cleaner set-up is along with the tiny exhaust system.

Anyone done a cat back exhaust, possibly 2.5" and seen any power improvements? I'm open to ditching the cat.

Also, is anyone making a cold air intake for these? Not a snorkel, just an under hood cone filter type. I looked around and can't find anything.

If you have any pics of your mods and feedback please let me know!

It's a tractor engine. It produces reasonable torque at low RPMs. You can get more power, but it takes bigger mods than a larger exhaust or less intake restriction.

A cone filter under the hood will suck hot air from under the hood. Much like giant rear spoilers on front wheel drive cars, cone filters under the hood are not a performance enhancer. Sweet mother, what backwards-hat-wearing dips*** came up with those ideas?

The most cost effective way to a more powerful 60 is a V8.
The original intake is a cold intake system. There's a hose that runs from the intake housing to the front of the truck, right by the drivers side headlight.

Bigger exhaust might help, but not much.

First step is to realize that the 2F motor is a tractor motor, with low HP (135, brand new). There are mods available to improve on this...HO cam, deck the head, larger displacement pistons, balanced internals, header, etc. You can make a substantial increase in HP and Torque, but it will cost you $$. There are no simple bolt-on mods that will give you a substantial increase. You can follow the old rule of cam+compression+flow (header) and this will help for sure.

SBC swap can give you more performance than the stock driveline can handle.
Lol :p

What these guys said. Or if your in a state with no smog restrictions, removing the smog equipment will help decently.
Toyota used the 2F engine in their 8K lbs fork lifts. Need I say more about 'performance'!? LOL
Thanks for the info ... was wondering about the performance mods also for improved fuel economy. I'm definitely planning on building a new exhaust and hoping that will help.
Thanks for the info ... was wondering about the performance mods also for improved fuel economy. I'm definitely planning on building a new exhaust and hoping that will help.

It won't hurt, but honestly, sounds like a lot of work for very little improvment.

Gas,Tires and Oil is all you need for a 2f.spend the money on something else.just my 2 pennies.:D
I have headers and a full 2.5" exhaust along with a Weber carb. I like how it feels. Not sure if it's more powerful or not but I like it.


dpcustoms said:
That's a pretty slick set-up, thanks for posting the pic!

You're welcome. Also forgot to say I'm running a factory distributor. I'll get it re-curved one of these days. Can't take my DD down for very long.

I have a CAT-back 2.5 free-flow system and I suppose it helps marginally. Stock air cleaner is best. I've seen some modified to have a "dual" cold-air intake essentially adding another nozzle to mirror the stock one and route an intake hose under the battery box. Does it help? Who knows. As the others said, 2Fs are designed to give grunt at relatively low RPMs, which is what makes them good at off road low-speed application.
Headers and a K&N air filter will bump the mpg by a few mpg; debatable whether it is worth the money and hassle IMO. I did it once and doubt I will ever do it again. Keeping your 2F in a good state of maintenance and tune is about the best economical thing you can do.
not sure its worthwhile to chase performance or MPG with these trucks. I would get the carb rebuilt and make sure the timing is right, new tune up well.
Put a couple Viagra in the tank at every fill up. You'll get more HP for 4 hours... :hillbilly:
You can make a 2f fairly healthy with a header and desmog. Or you can go all hog and turbo it. There are gains to be made exhaust and increased compression ratio help a lot.
I would not go 2.5" exhaust, 2.25" max, even 2" works well with the 2F. Tossing the smog junk and either getting the stock carb "built" or running a Weber (if you have the knowledge to tune it) will help a lot. As Mace siad, a header helps and is very helpfull if you're desmogging. GM TBI is another very affordable very effective mod if you pull all the hardware yourself and modify a stock harness. (Or you could just pull the 350 along with it.) I ran a desmogged 2F with a Weber 38/38, header, fluid heat riser (it gets cold here) 2.25" exhaust, recurved distributor and .070" shaved from the head and it ran pretty well, better than any other 2F I have even driven. Ultimately I wanted more and just took the plunge.
Nice! Great info, thanks... I know I'm never going to be doing smokey burnouts with my rig, I've got realistic expectations. However, I've got the itch to fab something for the intake and exhaust soon. I'll post pics when I get there and will make sure to track mpg results.
I built a "performance" motor the same that MAF sells and personally, I would not do it again. I would take the same money and put in into a SBC conversion. Or rebuild stock block, head, carb and dizzy (with smog delete, headers and exhaust) and buy yourself an ARB frig and some useful other stuff.

The "performance" motor might be great and a noticeable change worth the money if you stay with little tires and no racks or bumpers etc. start adding weight, and lots of it, and you still better stay in the slow lane with a 2F. I've got lots more grunt and power, but it is still slow, really slow. Especially taking off from dead stops.

For example, when you come to a light with a 2 ton dump truck in one lane and you can be first in line in the other lane, always get behind the dump truck because he will smoke you off the line, and all the teenagers and grannies behind you will be pissed if you are still not beating a giant dump truck and they are stuck with both lanes creeping slowly up to 40 mph.

My .02
0-60.... 33 secs. A/C on.

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