FJ60 parts

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Dec 16, 2005
United States
Anyone interested in 60 parts located in northern Indiana.I prefer pickup I have one complete 60 body is not so good but runs good 128k on odo also another complete engine 300k runs good with drive train and axles and various other parts Pm me if there might be some thing you're interested in moto60
I am needing some OEM any?
have an fj 60 with a blown engine<it dumped it all through the side panel while wife was driving>; is yours in good shape?, need reliability, she loves ours and we have 4 kids;

What color is the interior??? I could use a brown dash. mines been eaten by a dog. I also need left side headlight door with or without turn signal. Will be in your area this week.
I need vacuum advance from distributor (dual diaphragm) or whole distributor if it all works. Also, power steering pump if it is in working order.
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