For Sale Fj60 parts WY

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Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
United States
I've ended up with extra parts and need room more than the parts. Everything is in Sheridan, WY Shipping should be between $10-15 as long as FedEx will work. Alternators might be able to fit in a flat rate box. Prices are without shipping. 1984 FJ60 carb $40 I was using it on my 40, it works, but probably needs rebuilt. It sat for a couple of years, I couldn't get the idle down so I e built a different carb. SOLD
Alternator from 60 series with internal voltage regulator. I bought it used as a spare and didn't use it. $40 sold
Alternator from 60 series with internal voltage regulator, but the regulator is missing- I bought a different one that didn't come with one and took it off of this. No pulley, either. $sold
Headlight window for 60, drivers side. The top tab broke off, otherwise in decent condition. $5 I'll add more as I clean stuff out.




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I'll get pictures in a bit, but I also have a front axle housing, minus the outer parts, gears are intact. It's Ben sitting in my garage for about 3 years. Pickup preferred, but will look into shipping. $50 O.B.O
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3 fine spline birfields. Should fit 1979 and up FJ40's, and 60 series. They all seem to be in good shape, there's some surface rust on them and they'll need repacked.

$35 each.

Found another one, buy one for $35 or a pair for $60
I think these fit in the flat rate box that's about $12.
Birfs are SOLD

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Locking hub I think all it's missing is the spring for the dial and 4 of the bolts. Good for parts or a spare. $50 shipped in the lower 48 states. Sold


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Distributor, I don't know if it's non-U.S, but the rotor that comes on the U.S 60 distributors does not fit. The cap is the same.

$10 plus shipping

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