Wanted FJ60 or FJ62

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I have been casually looking at and researching Land Cruisers for a couple years and now, and it is finally time to buy. I am finding it difficult to find the right one. I have been searching a lot on Craigslist and Ebay and finding a lot of feast or famine. I guess I will give this a shot.

I would love to find a clean FJ60 in the light blue color (that I believe was only available in 1984...is this true?). I would also be okay with most of the other colors, but...IMPORTANT: No offense to those who love the brown/tan interior color scheme, but I don't like it, and would really prefer to find one with the blue interior.

I'm not looking for a show vehicle. I want to take it camping, fishing, on road trips, and the occasional modest off road excursion. I also don't want something that has been beat to hell, so a fairly clean rig in decent shape, and not full of rust, is what I'm looking for. I know, me and everyone else, right? I want a stock drivetrain, and it needs to be a strong runner that doesn't need a whole bunch of work right out of the gate. A reasonable lift/suspension setup would be cool. I am not looking for a rig that has been jacked up to the sky and my German Shepherd needs a trampoline to jump into. Bonus if it has a roof cargo rack and/or a bumper winch.

If I can't find a good FJ60 then I would be open to an FJ62. There seem to be more of them available in good condition; if someone could explain that to me I would love to hear why! (My gut tells me the manual trans is sought after?). Same criteria as above.

Lastly, I might consider a '93 to '96 80 series as a starter. It would need to be fairly clean and in good running condition, and a great price.

Speaking of price, I'm not looking for a show car, but I do understand what they go for. I'm looking for a reasonable rig from a reasonable seller at a reasonable price. If you're looking to sell, please let me know what you've got, I would like to see it. Thanks!!!
Have been sort of trying to sell this, had a great if I got it price on her. Sent you a PM to see if you want details. Ready to settle on a real number. Marc


Thank you to all that sent PM's and posted here. My wife's health is going to require her to take a lengthy leave of absence, so my budget was reduced. I was really interested in the '85 that RustyNailJustin's friend is selling, it looks like a good solid rig. In the end though, we found a '93 in our area that is in great shape and a great runner. It has the front & rear lockers and I am really happy with it.

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