FJ60 new aisin clutch kit noise

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Aug 18, 2014
Los Angeles
1985 FJ60 clutch with a new Aisin clutch kit installed by shop. Not even 12 miles since installed.
I noticed a whirr sound after leaving the shop and thought maybe thats normal and needs to settle in.
Today it rained and the noise is more intense so I thought I would reach out to the collective Mud knowledge.
I plan on taking the truck for a longer drive after the kid goes down tonight to see if it dissipates.
Video & pict for sound and visual reference.

Rear main seal and front input shaft seal both replaced.
For prosperity purposes if any other newbs come searching. The noise in the video was gone the next day.
Im guessing it was from the rain and being a new clutch kit. The whirring noise is diminishing with every trip.
If the sound goes away by pushing lightly on the clutch pedal, but not disengaging the clutch, its likely the new throw out bearing sliding on the clutch spring forks. New T.O. bearings can have a bit of internal friction from new seals. If it is the throw out bearing, the noise is usually worse when it's cold in the morning before the bearing has warmed up and rotates easier.

The only thing keeping tension on the T.O. bearing is the slave cylinder's internal spring. I had bad luck with an aftermarket slave cylinder not applying enough tension to my new bearing & it would squeal a bit in the morning. I replaced the slave with a genuine Toyota slave cylinder and the sound went away (cuz it applied more tension to the bearing)
Yeah the whirring and subtle tick sound goes away with the slightest touch to the clutch pedal.
Yep, spent the extra money and went all Toyota parts when I did my clutch and it squealed just like that on and off for at least 1000 miles. Now it only does it when it is really cold at start up. :cheers:
Sometimes a new rear main wil scream, especially if it is not packed with grease before install. Eventually it will either burn up, or enough oil will get splashed on it to lubricate it and stop screaming.

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