FJ60 Lurching

Feb 10, 2003
Rogue Valley
A month ago I experienced a problem where the engine would start losing power, then sputtering, then lurching. Then it would run fine for a few miles, then repeat. I replaced the leaky fuel pump and it ran well for about 200 miles; but now the problem is back. Fuel pump doesn't seem to be defective, but how can I tell? If it's not the pump..then what? Something in the carb? It's seeming like the gas is just getting cut off. There's no consistency with when it happens, either, other than both times it has started while on a hill, then continues no matter what level.

Also, if I have a new water pump, new radiator and new thermostat, what would be other reasons that the truck still runs a little hot, and when the a/c is on, it overheats?


Dec 13, 2002
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Running lean could cause overheating and the stumble. Where is the fuel in the carb window when it's running bad?
Could be in the carb, could be a bad filter, could be a bad tank of gas, could be ignition related. Helpful, eh?
Put the fuel line in a clear glass bottle. Pull the coil wire. Have someone crank the engine while you hold the bottle and observe the amount of fuel coming out. You should get good healthy pumps of fuel. Theres a gpm spec, but I don't know it. Check out the fuel for floaties and water bubbles.
Pull a plug and look at it. If it's white, you have a lean problem. Black is rich and tan is good.
To check the fuel pump pressure you need a fuel pressure tester.
How's your cat? A plugged catatlytic converter could cause the problems your having too. The easiest and funnest way to check is to pull it loose from the down pipe and run it. If your problem clears up, you've got a plugged cat.
That should keep you busy for a minute. Let us know what you find.
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I bet its fuel related. I had a TON of stuttering problems and such. Are you still running a mechanical pump? I would recommend going electric at least until you figure things out, since they are 1/2 price of a mechanical. Replace the fuel filter with a clear fram one, you can get it from walmart. good tool for monitoring fuel flow. Try running without a tank cap, it may be bad. First thing would be to replace fuel filter, especially if you didn't when you replaced fuel pump.
Jan 8, 2003
FNQ, Australia
Could be a number of things. This is in no particular order. Is the fuel clean? No water/contaminants? Rust in the tank can block the pickup. Blocked filter? Is the fuel tank breather/filter blocked-the little white one in the 1/4 panel? Is the coil/plugs/leads in good nick- could be breaking down with heat. There's more but the rum is kicking in......

Apr 16, 2003
It was the fuel filter on mine . then the pump started spewing oil . then the smog pump died . and it only had 230000 miles on it !!!!its all better now . new filter, elec. pump, no vanes in smog pump!!! :beer:

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