FJ60 Headlights and grille on FJ62?

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May 16, 2010
San Diego, CA
Is it possible (easily) to swap the round hedlights of a 60 onto a 62? I see the the hood and fenders are the same and if I already had the lower front valance from the 62, would it work?

It's possible, but maybe more work than you're bargaining for. Use the Search function to learn more about it.
I tried a couple of searches first, but since I am new to LandCruisers, I guess I do not know the right terminology for the search function to return usable results. Can you point me in the right direction? thanks
I was shopping for FJ's and asked the same question. The answer I got was you have to change the radiator core support and then get the front end (grille, lights, surrounds) from a 60 to make it work.
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 FJ62 Parts For Sale I think it was $300-$400 depending on if you got used or new parts. Hope that helps!
my .02.... four eyes are better than two :D

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It just boils down to personal preferances(sp), but I prefer the old-school look of the big round healights. ;)

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