Wanted FJ60 Fuel Tank

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assuming the recall has been done already? try Jason @ cruiseryard he's in TX
he goes by acerterx? here on mud
If he doesn't have one for some reason, I will be going to the Roundup in Mason TX in march and can bring one with me.

$75 if you can meet me at the Roundup or along the way.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Thanks. Yea the recall has been done according to the Toyota website. I found one from another Mudder and he is shipping it to me so hopefully it will be nice and clean.

I do appreciate your message and will see if I can make it to the Roundup this year. Mason is a nice little town, you will enjoy it.
I've been going to the event every year since 2005.

Good times!!!!
I don't wheel my cruisers hard (I have 3 stock 60's) but I would love to go watch and maybe do a little light wheeling. i would have to keep my oldest son out of the driver's seat, he is fearless :)

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