Wanted FJ60 fuel filler pipe

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Jun 9, 2011
United States

I need a FJ60 filler pipe (and maybe cap too if available) that aren't damaged around the mouth to get through smog. (mine leaks evap due to being mangled up)

I live in Sacramento if anyone might have one local.

Thanks for your help!
This part is hard to find un-mangled. The sheet metal lip gets bent and the cap won't seal. It is available new from Toyota-I had to buy one a few years ago. I want to say it was $150 or so. The new one looked like sculpture.
i should have one here in stockton, pm me and i'll take a look.

georg @ valley hybrids
I have one in VGC,if george does not have one .

Hi James,

Thanks alot, man. I'll try George first since he's nearby........
Fuel filler

PM sent. Can post or send pictures if interested.

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