FJ60 FOUND super clean engine bay photo

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Jan 4, 2011
Came across a photo of a beige/tan FJ60 engine bay with a 2F engine that was very tidy and clean and clearly had been redone. I saved the picture but seem to have lost it and no amount of searching images on the internet has resulted in success. It was a great photo for inspiration on what could be done and I'd love to find it again. It had a black powder coated valve cover with the "2F" left silver. The block may have been blue and i recall that the intake and exhaust manifolds were very clean. I don't recall it having the air cleaner in place and it was likely a TBI setup. Any ideas?
Maybe not the exact photo, but plenty of motivation in this thread. Just type it into the search option.
Show us your engine bay!

No idea who this belongs to but it's a good target

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