FJ60 Fj62 parts

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Mar 1, 2007
west linn Oregon
FJ60 and FJ62 parts.

I parted out a fj60 anf fj62 since i posted this listing. so i have more parts. here is another pictures link. I have more parts then pictured. Picasa Web Albums - Brian - Fj40 Fj60 fj6...#

I parted out a rust free fj62 land cruiser .

brown door benzels. the plastic ones that go around the inside door pull. $5.00 each.

Intake manafold and parts from a 3fe.

Cold start $40.00

Chrome door handles $20.00 each. For used.
I have two new door handles. one for front drivers door and one for front passenger door.
$40.00 each on those.

Passanger small fixed window glass with gasket. $25.00

Air condtioning hoses. Let me know what ones you need.
I have the two hoses that bolt to the air conditioning pump. A/c lines are selling for $25.00 each.

Lifter push rod side cover 1988 3fe fj62 engine. $20.00

fan clutch asian from 3fe extra i don't need. $20.00

Exhaust manifold covers. 3fe i have them all. $10.00 each

Intake parts from 1988 fj62. let me know what you need.

3fe fly wheel. $25.00

Fuse block cover fj62 in gray $12.00

cargo area panel in gray. fj62. removable jack panel $25.00
I think i have at least one other cargo panel. The panel from drivers side where speaker mounts. $15.00

Fj60 and fj62 dash gauges. speedometers , gages and
Fj60 bump stops. $15.00 each.

Door regulators from 1982 fj60 all work fine. will have some rust.
$10.00 each.

Window glass $35.00 Glass for passager rear door.
I have all door glass exept for the front passanger door.

I also have all of the power steering lines. 75.00 compleat. fj62

Transfer case cross member skid plate fj62 $20.00

Spring seats. front and back. These are the ones used to bolt axle to leaf springs. I have one from the front and one from the back. $10.00 each

charcoal canister from fj62 3fe. In great shape. $50.00

interior door handles arm rest . $5.00 each have at least 6 gray

Passanger door front hinges. $20.00 for the pair.

I also have the trany cooler lines. Let me know what parts your looking for.

fj62 gas tank straps. $20.00

Front center support from core support with hood rod. Gray $15.00

Front seat brackets. The ones used to bolt the seat rails to and then bolt to the tub. left and right . $15.oo for the pair.

Air silencer $12.00

I parted out the engine 3fe let me know what you need.
Here is a pictures link.
Picasa Web Albums - Brian - land cruiser ...

I live in west linn Oregon.
Buyer pays for shipping
I take money orders, paypal and cash.
Let me know what your looking for.
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do you have the rear passenger seat (back side with head rest) from a fj62 ?
In Gray??

AAA+++ feedback

AAA+++ feedback for landcruiserman
Friendly, fast and honorable, I will buy from landcruiserman again.

What's the price of the oil cooler you have in the web album (if it's still FS) ...
oil cooler.

What's the price of the oil cooler you have in the web album (if it's still FS) ...


Sorry i wasn't thinking right when i looked at your post.
I was thinking you where looking for a tranny cooler.
I still have the oil cooler.

Thank you
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I'm interested in the battery tray and heat shields. Do you still have them?

Karen and Cliff
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