FJ60 Exhaust "something or another"...

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Mar 6, 2009
Two part question on an 87 FJ60, exhaust related...

a. There is a tube running from a cast iron box on the lower left side of the engine up to a flange near the carb, held by two bolts. Tube is about 22 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, runs about 15 inches straight back from the cast iron box and then about 12 inches up. The lower side going into the cast part is secured by a slip ring. These parts don't seem to be in the engine, chassis or emission manuals. What are they called or is there a diagram anywhere on planet earth?

b. Problem.... one of the two bolt studs holding the tube upper flange has broken. It will (eventually) get very noisy. What is the part that has the bolt studs and how in the heck to you get in there to replace whatever it is.

I sincerely appreciate any hints, ideas and or ????

Just looks like an ugly job for me but I can't start until I have parts and I can't even identify the parts

Thanks !
It's part of the EGR system, and it is shown in your emissions manual, so take another look.

The EGR "J" tube connects into the exhaust manifold at the back of the engine (exhaust associated with the #6 cylinder. You can see the stud(s) at the right side of of the picture below of the intake/exhaust manifold. The parts of the exhaust manifold for the #1 and #6 cylinders do separate from the rest of the exhaust manifold, but I don't think you can separate them on the truck. My guess is you will have to remove the intake/exhaust manifold to replace the stud.
egr layout.JPG
intake manifold.JPG
Finally... thank you for the diagram. Well... I am assuming that the two studs on the manifold (92112-69618) are the ones holding the tube. Although it shows them as threaded at both ends, I would think trying to remove a broken stud would be bear. Which means... removing the exhausting intake manifold. And that's a big job for a clown like me. Wow... will need to research this further...

Thanks again. I wish there was an "easier way out" but I haven't, obviously, figured it out. It looks like the manifold on number 6 is held by two bolts but I am not really sure.... more research...

Thanks !
The part number for the stud is 92112-60818. The part of the exhaust manifold for #6 is held onto the head by two bolts, but the area that the "rings" fit on slides into the main section of the exhaust manifold. I don't think there is clearance to pull the #6 piece out with the rest of the manifold still installed.
intake manifold a.JPG
I thought I saw on another post, perhaps by you, a "jam nut" process for removing broken studs. Is there a possibility that the stud for the EGR pipe flange (same PN as the manifold stud) could be replaced?
Depending on how much of the broken stud remains, you might get away with putting a stud puller on it and unscrewing it... But in reality, that stud is probably rusted in there permanatly.

It would be worth a try though, if there's a 1/2" or so of stud sticking out -- but you'd have to remove the J tube and soak the stud for 2-3 with aerokroil.

Yet, as said above, you'll prolly end up having to pull the intake/exhaust - There isn't enough room at the firewall to pull that horn off.
There is a good possibility it can be replaced. How you get the remnants out depends where it broke. As I've said before, this will be easier if you remove the manifold from the truck. If there is enough of the stud still sticking out, then you could try vice grips or a tool called a "stud extractor" (such as this, although this one may be bigger than you need: Old Forge 2526 - Stud Remover 1/2in. Drive). IF the stud is broken off flush with the exhaust manifold, then you can try and drill it out and re-tap. Or take it and the new stud to a machine shop and ask them to replace it. The exhaust manifold is made from a cast material that is pretty hard, and it's difficult to work with. That's why I'm recommending the machine shop.

If you already have one broken stud, it's probably best to replace both.
Removing the J-tube will not be the issue, I believe. Getting a stud puller into the space to pull the broken stud (after a thorough soaking) might be difficult. Are there some stud pullers better than others, collet type perhaps (not requiring threads) or ??? Insights appreciated.
2mbb... interesting puller. Deeeeeep down inside, I don't want to remove the manifold if possible. I am not an auto genius and this may be far more than I can accomplish. Removing the manifold appears to be a major job but that's just a rookie opinion from looking at it (and going "dang...").

The puller might do well (thanks for the link) but I don't know if it would fit into the available space without... pulling the manifold. Yes, I am going around and around on that. I don't know if pulling/replacing the stud/manifold is a weekend job, a lifelong career or ?
just look on the bright side, after pulling apart your cruiser you will fall that much more in love with her after putting it back together and getting to know your cruiser is all part of the joy...sometimes pain of cruising. good luck man, i had a busted bolt, said fk it and got the header id been putting off
I feel your pain. I have the exact same problem. You could try to weld a nut to the stud and then back it out that way. We tried that method and it would have worked but the nut wouldn't weld to the stud. I don't know if the PO put in a stainless stud or what the problem was. I'm going to try a stud extractor next, although I'm not too confident it will work. I'll probably also be pulling the exhaust/intake manifold.

When you do pull the manifold, put in new Remflex gaskets for both the EGR pipe and Intake/Exhaust manifold. Contact iron_giant on 'MUD. He sells them for a great price. Getting a stainless EGR J-pipe from SOR would also be a good idea. The gasket at the exhaust/J-pipe interface always blows. The SOR stainless pipe has a very strong flange on it to prevent this.
I just broke one of those studs while replacing the EGR tube. I was going to replace the intake and exhaust gaskets anyways, so I just removed the whole assembly and the machine shop was able to get the stud (plus my broken bolt extractor) out. They inserted a Helicoil, and it's been quiet since then.
I just broke one of those studs while replacing the EGR tube. I was going to replace the intake and exhaust gaskets anyways, so I just removed the whole assembly and the machine shop was able to get the stud (plus my broken bolt extractor) out. They inserted a Helicoil, and it's been quiet since then.

What's a Helicoil?
Since we're on the subject, what size is the nut that holds the tube into the cooler?


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