FJ60 EGR Problems

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Mar 10, 2006
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Just finished putting 1985 FJ60 together that had been apart and sitting for 5 years. 2F engine runs pretty good until about 2,000 RPM when EGR kicks in and then it runs terrible. With EGR vacuum activation line disconnected it runs just fine.
Any ideas?
I live in an area of Texas where I have to pass emissions inspection. I don't think it will pass emissions if the EGR isn't operating properly.
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There are 4 separate components of the EGR system that affect it's function: a VSV, BVSV, EGR Vacuum Modulator, and the EGR valve itself.

Without knowing more, it's probably a safe bet that the diaphram in the EGR has deteriorated with age and is not functioning as intended. Although you may be able to restore some function to it by cleaning it out, your best long term bet is to just replace it if it is indeed dead.

The Toyota Emissions FSM is invaluable for troubleshooting and making an accurate diagnosis. You may have more than one defunct part in this system and the FSM will provide you with a good description of how to test each individual component.

For what it's worth, after going through this system with the Emissions FSM part by part, I ended up with a new BVSV, EGR Vacuum Modulator, and EGR valve. The VSV was the only original component that was still functioning.

Good luck and HTH,
-dogboy- '87 FJ60

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