FJ60 Dash, lights, horn all out while driving

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Nov 27, 2017
Currently sitting in a parking lot wondering what went wrong.

Driving down the highway I noticed my dash light was dimming along with my headlights. Suddenly the horn didn't work and the blinkers stopped working. Pulled over to see what was up. Turned off the car and now it won't crank.

Now looking at the fuse box and found this.

Not sure if I should keep looking for the problem or walk to the nearest liquor store.

Not sure what that wire is, would have to trace back and see where it goes. As for the symptoms, sure sounds like an alternator issue or battery. Probably don’t have meter handy?
It sounds like your alternator is not charging or your battery may have a bad cell in it. Your going to have to use a volt meter and see what your battery is sitting at (It should be around 12.8 volts). If you can get it started by jumping it take another measurement at the battery again and it should be sitting at roughly 13.5-14.0 volts. If its not then you know your alternator is not charging.
Dead battery will obviously show less than 12V.

Symptoms say battery/charging. Id also make sure the actual alternator wiring isnt damaged.
Thanks guys. No one is in sight. Walking to a bar. Tow truck is a comin. Just got new brakes, tires, and the master cylinder replaced 3 freakin days ago. Appreciate your help.
There's a group of grounds behind the dash, also I'd definitely say battery terminals. You in Medford? I can come get you with the car trailer. Or just drink beer at the bar!
Jesse 5418403871
Thanks Jesse and Kief. I ended up trying to drown myself with whiskey, a bit successful by the feel of it this morning. Not sure where Medford is but if I was there I would have texted. I'm out in Lyons.

Thanks for all the help guys.

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