FJ60 Clutch Pedal Height? - w/o Carpet

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Apr 2, 2015
FSM has the FJ60 clutch pedal height at 7.13", I'm assuming that's with OEM carpet. Has anyone figured out the appropriate pedal height w/o carpet or padding? I measured my old FJ62 front carpet and the padding is ~1/4" thick, about the same as the carpet. So I'm thinking of adjusting the pedal height to 7-5/8" (7.625"). Probably close enough, right?
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Clutch disengagement is at the very beginning of the pedal downward stroke and the clutch fully releases or engages right up near the top. There's a ton of extra space after that (unneeded pedal stroke) before hitting the carpet with the pedal. Adjust the clutch pedal upper resting point to wherever its the most comfortable for you. I prefer my clutch pedal to be about equal height as the brake pedal - but ive never adjusted it.
Thanks, let me see what I can do. The pedal may already be at the correct height, I didn't change the stop bolt adjustment. I installed a 3FE and H55f combo in the '86, but the FJ60 hasn't been on the road since about 1995, eight years before I bought it for my project. Don't know how the PO (original owner) had it adjusted.
Just replaced my clutch master cylinder, and adjusted the pedal height as per fsm. It ended up at 7.5" from the carpet, and the fsm indicates about .5" of travel before clutch engagement....
But, as oss said, adjusting to your preference is in the realm of possibilities.

My clutch pedal sits about .5" higher than the brake pedal and I am used to that, however, I may follow what oss did and adjust it to be the same as brake pedal.
Pedal height was 7", same as the brake pedal. Decided to leave it there. I'm 6'-4" so it's good for my long legs. The freeplay was way too much, so I adjusted it to about 1", the closest I could get to FSM specs and still have full thread engagement at the clevis. Tightened the nut so I'm good to go.

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