Fj60 (cheaper) door mirror replacement success-woohoo!

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May 1, 2003
(First-tks to this site and others for all the information and help since I became a cruiser owner-here's a little something back.)

After having my d/d '83 Fj60 for a few months now, I've really come to hate what I'm not seeing with the stock POS mirrors. After almost laying out $100+ plus bucks for SOR FJ62-like mirrors the other week to correct it (correctly justifying that if the stock POS mirrors got me into an accident because I could'nt see something, it would cost alost more than $100), I decided to make one more search to see if I could find a cheaper alternative that would not need holes drilled, etc.

And whaddya know-where I found it was Walmart believe it or not.

Brand: CIPA
Model: 44009 Black Truck Mirror

These mirrors are 5.5" x 8.5" wide, plastic, somewhat of a gloss black, and have a breakaway spring inside. They call it a universal mirror, and it can be easily adapted to fit right or left side by reversing a cover.

Anyway, the good stuff: the mounting holes for the mirror only needed to be widened slightly to fit the stock holes on my cruiser (using my dremel...about 1 min per mirror), and they installed right up using the stock screws! When the cover is installed over the mount, it covers the stock holes *and* the entire area the old mirror did. (If you do it, be careful: the mounts are plastic as well, and you can go too far in widening them. Only about 1/4 inch is needed, and that can be done without losing any drastic strength in the mount).

The mirrors compliment the vehicles lines reasonably well I think too.

Did I mention that they are $12.57 each!?!

I also purchased a round, wide-view mirror to attach on the inside to extend my new view, and it works nicely: I can see at a glance the entire side of the truck from the ground to well above it on both sides. Perfect.

My family took a 300 mile trip this weekend in the cruiser and they worked great-I felt much more aware of what was going on around my truck on both roads and parking. Yes, they're not metal, but they do look decent, and you can't beat the price. Hell, if ya break one, spend another $12 for a new one ya cheapskate :p

I've attached pics for reference.

Another pic

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