FJ60 center console

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Dec 2, 2010
Bellingham, WA
I can't seem to find the post I'm looking for. Someone on here was selling welded consoles he built . I believe he was in the southwest. Anyone remember the post? I think it was built for 40's but worked in 60's too.
center console

Do you mean the CCOT console? Console Center CCOT ~ FJ60

Console - FJ60 - by CCOT
1st Ever Direct Bolt - In FJ60 Console
Fits production dates 8/'80 to 8/'86
Fits FJ60s w/factory bucket seats.
Large Storage area w/Stereo Den. Keyed Lock.
Holds more gear than any FJ60 console
Strong 16 gauge steel lockbox
Continuous steel hinge.
Black powder coated with pebble finish.
Double wide elbow Pad at the perfect height for body support.
Chrome lift handle is positioned perfectly for body control.

Order Console with or without Tuffy Cup Holder ($21.00).

Note: Select / Order FJ60 Console by production date.

CCOT-Console-FJ60Reg Price $267.73Sale $228.71
Yep I searched, I'm not new to this. I found all of those, none are the one I'm looking for. If you even bothered to read the post it is about someone on here who BUILDS his own console and sells them on here. I'm still searching, if and when I find it I will post up.
I bought some sandpaper and brown spray paint. I forgot some masks and want some since I'm sure it's lead-based paint...I'm dumb enough already from all the beer I drink.

Gonna get the wife to make an arm cushion of some sort and spray adhesive that on. I added a hinge (I'm not totally happy with) and a U-bolt so I can lock it. Gonna add some cupholders to the front/rear and maybe mount my Yaesu FT-2900R to the driver's side.
I remember seeing the post you are talking about in the classifieds I think. The title read something like, buy these so I can make more or something like that.
Just found this link in the classifieds (not the one I was thinking of)

There was another post where it was more like a tuffy console and it has the side by side comparisons and measurements but I cant find that one.
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In the time it took to write "search man, please search", you could have simply given him the info:lol::lol:

Tuffy, VDP...pick one then search:beer:

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