FJ60 Cargo Area Dimensions???

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Jul 18, 2003
How wide is the opening of the FJ60 cargo area? (not including the wheel wells)
How long is the bed with the back seats removed - from the back door to the back of the front seat?

Thinking about buying one, but need to know the dimensions before I decide.

Where did you get the graphic?

and the here are the Dimensions...
Thanks for the dimensions - I made the graphic using Adobe Illustrator.
nice graphic

You don't have to remove the rear seats, btw. They fold flat so that the cargo area is one complete flat surface almost to the front seat backs - a nice design.
You could really make some money with graphics like that. Like in a car manual.
BTW- my length measurement is to the back of the folded seats not to the back of the front seats. It is basically the measurement to the headrest or maybe a little closer to the front of the truck.

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