FJ60 Brake warning light

May 21, 2003
My '85 FJ60 brake warning light stays on. It is dimmer then when e-brake is engaged, but visible. Checked brake resovoir float switch and found no short, and switch operates correctly. Checked parking brake switch and switch is not shorted and operates correctly. Only other possibility in this brake warning light circuit is a diode (according to wire diagram) that goes back to neg. side of ignition coil, but diode wire colors don't match up- Any help would be appreciated on where to locate this specific diode.
May 5, 2003
Ruston, Louisiana
Mine comes on only at low rpms (500-800). I just assumed it had to do with low vacume in the brake booster. This would be either from a faulty brake booster or other leaks in the vacume system. I recently rebuilt my engine and desmoged with a webber and headers. I now have only the vac. advance, the brake booster,and the pcv hoses to contend with. My brake light still comes on like it always has but my brakes work fine. Again this is pure speculation.

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