For Sale FJ60/62 Wheels for Sale

Apr 15, 2003
Where are you located?
How much for the wheels?

These are the Chrome wheels right?
What condition are they in?

Mar 28, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
I am in Tennessee. They are chrome. They have very, very little rust on them, on the inside...almost none on the outside.

I bought another set for the 62, which I have since sold. I had a vibration, which my tire man said was coming from these wheels. I think he was wrong because when I replaced them, the vibration stayed. Hell, I never really took them off road and previous owner did not. They have approx 154k on them.

These were the ones that came off my truck, with exception of one which was one of the five that I bought.

I would let them go cheap....150 plus shipping. The list is incredible on these things. If you do not like them, then ship back and I will return your money.


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