FJ60/62 Tow hitch for sale, Portland, OR. 2 years old Hidden Hitch

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May 25, 2007
Portland, OR
United States
$100 OBO

Here's my CL ad:

"I bought this hitch from Specter Off Road about 2 years ago. It's been on my truck since, and was mainly used for holding a hitch-mounted bike rack. I pulled a small trailer with it once, for a move.

The brand is Hidden Hitch. I will include all the grade 5 hardware that came with it. Mounting of this hitch requires the drilling of two, 1/2" holes in the bottom of the frame rails. The other 4 holes line up with factory spots. Drilling the holes in the frame is easy, you can buy a nice step-drill for $6-10 to do this. Installation should take about 1/2 an hour.

I have removed this hitch because I mounted an aftermarket bumper that has a built-in hitch.

The original powdercoat is in average condition for a tow hitch. There are a few nicks from gravel, no gouges from driving off-road. I sadly haven't been on anything that would make a hitch drag in a couple years! I would give it a quick sanding and re-paint with some nice spray paint.

From the SOR website: "LandCruiser 60 & 62 Series Receiver Trailer Hitch - Black powder coated finish-Fits 8/80-1/90 60 & 62 Series-Requires drilling"

This image is from their site. Mine looks the same, just not as shiny!

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ttt for any reasonable offer?
Still for sale, make an offer! No one needs to tow something around this summer?
Thanks for the offer, I'd rather find someone local to avoid shipping.

I'm headed from Portland to Bend this weekend if anyone in Oregon is on the way/nearby and wants this hitch!
Bump for this hitch for a local sale? Otherwise it goes to CT?

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