SOLD FJ60 / 62 - Roof reinforcement support (Bellingham) wtb

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May 23, 2003
North Cascades WA
I'm removing an aftermarket sunroof (from PO - I've only owned it 20yrs) from a 1988 FJ62, and found the installer removed one of three roof reinforcement supports (like a rib under the roof). I imagine this would like come from a parted-out FJ60 62. I will be installing into a 1988.

I'm contacting those who post on the "parting out" section but welcome any other leads...


Thanks for the link to video clip of Himalayan FJ60 roof reinforcement - really enjoyed the utilitarian approach.

@jkdur728 - thanks for the offer. I did find a rib at Classic Crusiers P.Spring CO and installed.

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